About Us

The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund’s (SARF) mission is to provide financial assistance to Syrian Armenians who are victims of the ravaging Syrian civil war. Donations are solicited through the community in Western United States, and the network of churches, political parties and charity organizations, which operate
in the region.

The assistance is sent to a SyriaShdab, a Non Governmental Organization established by Armenian churches and charitable organizations in Syria http://www.syriashdab.com that operates out of Aleppo and is dispensed throughout the country as deemed necessary by local bodies. The support is for educational institutions, nutritional needs, essential housing repairs and health care. Armenians currently living in Syria have been the primary recipient of assistance, however SARF has also teamed with Armenian Redwood Project and OXFAM to provide housing rental subsidy to Syrian Armenian refugees who have fled to Armenia. SARF operates under the 501 c(3) tax code of the Armenian Relief Society of Western United States ( ARS) and as such all donations are tax deductible. An initiative is underway to make SARF an independent body.